Back Off!

Nothing’s particularly new right now. I only added two new banners. If the probability permits, you will see them. Somehow, I’m glad that some are already learning how to leave comments in the posts. To those who simply read, why bother going here in the first place? 😛 Apparently, new news are only posted during school breaks. I have already assigned Joey, Krysta, Mia, and Naiza as authors (meaning they can write posts if they want to) but it seems that partly getting away from schoolwork is impossible for them. I wouldn’t know all the latest stuff so it would be great if you guys can help. Hmm, I really doubt that you’ll write out your lives though. But if you’re interested, just tell me at Flirt Wind.

See y’all on Christmas break then. And oh, about those who’re looking for the pictures last sem-break, I wasn’t able to bring a copy of them with me. Our computer at home broke down when I left for the second semester. So shut your horses, okay?

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  1. krysta on November 28th, 2007 at 11:52 AM

    ahh… well be authors diay here… hahaha!! wala man gud kohka gets sa imo gpa-g lo… okwie2… hm, what stuffs i’ll write about?? my life here nalang ang few stuffs, i mean lives sa mga pipol naduol dri, like paks and those in the main… hhmmm, how can ipost it???

  2. Lolo on November 28th, 2007 at 7:49 PM

    SL lang jud ka.

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