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To those who didn’t notice, as of the previous post, the site has been relocated. Yes, that’s right. If you look at the address bar, it’s now under my second domain. More formal and perhaps easier to remember, if you ask me. Furthermore, it’s here to stay (as along as I live, at least). Together with the move are the following changes:

  • Information cleanup in the History and Credits and removal of the Links page
  • Purging of addresses in the Profiles (lisod na ma-kidnap)
  • Comment subscriptions (yes, para ma-update mo kung naay bag-o!)
  • Release of uncensored high resolution pictures last December in the Gallery

Britania Cover Photo

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Our Year is Over

Here’s a draft I found as I was about to make this post. Obviously, it can no longer be published. When laziness gets tied up with busyness, time is easily lost. *deep sigh*

2012: Our Year

Last Christmas, I was unable to go home, which totally sucked because it’s the most important time of the year to be with your family. And because revenge is better served when cold sweet, I spent 17 days for this year’s break.

  • 21: Coffee date with Jesha in one of San Francisco’s two coffee shops (asenso!)

Coffee Shop
Low-pressure area

Unlike last (last) year, I only spent 12.5 days of vacation this time. All unpaid, because my regularization became effective only this year. Two days after my arrival, I found myself in a sports car heading to Butuan. In no time Naiza was already inside it, and we picked Kenneth up on our way back. Aiza’s place was the night’s stop where Philip joined us. Her daughter smiles like there’s no tomorrow.

Christmas arrived two days later and we found ourselves at Aiza’s place again for the celebration of her daughter’s first birthday. Hya and Jesha murdered the microphone before we left for dinner at Rosario’s, the one beside SDA. Bah-Bah was the final stop as the balikbayan valedictorian has already arrived. He obviously needed sleep but, with just three of us, was still able to turn eight (or nine?) liters of RH upside down. That’s our scientist!

Three days after, the BOD (Board of Directors) of ASAY Group of Companies, Inc. had a quick meeting at Agos Garden for the alumni homecoming the following day. Ultimately, it was approved that the dress code was blue, after the food assignments were made. We can’t have our tables empty now, can we?

On the night of the annual reunion there was “tension” by the entrance when we were asked to pay the additional amount, in a somewhat hostile way, for not attending the “Fun Run” activity that morning. We all had crossed brows, thinking “Hey, get over the dumot already. It’s been nine years!” Anyway, we were the first batch to arrive (would you believe that?!) and since we were starving, we wolfed down the food before circling the campus. Despite the changes, it was still very nostalgic.

E=mc2 '05 E=mc2 '12

Britania! Yes, Britania! Was our destination the next day. This one no longer needs any form of elaboration as our pictures there are worth not just a thousand, but a million, words. Finally, New Year came and we were on the second of our annual palihi at Caltex where some bottles lose their virginity. Only this year, we ended the night at Hya’s place, because it was the gurang’s buena mano birthday.

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Bai Naliyagan 2012

Congratulations, Jesha Macadine, for bringing home (BH for ASAY) this year’s crown last night! Sorry I never found time to post about the event in our Facebook group way ahead. Some of our classmates who find the effort to regularly check it might have been able to witness you conquer the stage.

Jesha Macadine Jesha Macadine Regards ko sa corona

We look forward to your treat, doc. December, perhaps?

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Across the Seas

This year’s lent brought me back to San Francisco due to Araw ng Kagitingan being a Monday. Arrived last Wednesday and will depart on Tuesday. Not bad, eh? Okay, let’s get down to business.

Few days ago Abijell Baldago asked me about the details of the Galarse family’s migration to Calgary and I was, like, “Whoa, huh?” I texted the devil and got an answer in no time. According to our insider John Paul c/o Naiza Mae, May 11’s the date.

  • Australia – Jasmin
  • Canada – Juvanni Noel
  • Saudi Arabia – Krysta Laureen, Claire Joy (06/18)
  • Singapore – Armando, John Winston (06/03)
  • USA – Joey

Did I miss someone? Who could be next? The annual homecoming will always be exciting given this list. At sa kakapasok lang na balita, as in karon lang jud, Apple, nanghagad for dinner at their place tomorrow! Sa mga ASAY, you know what to do.

P.S. Pahak, kanang mahilig lang akong pasalubong ha.

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Five More Months

On a Sunday afternoon, while watching One Piece’s Skypiea arc, I got this SMS saying that one of our girls is already four months old. Yeah, she’s the fifth.

  • Clue #1: She’s not Charis. (Mao ganing blind item…)

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