The year was 2001 — a year after the prediction that all computers in the world will crash — and the time was right for another school year in the Agusan del Sur National High School. Out of the many who took the entrance exam, only the top 50 were entitled to be in the first section, commonly known as SSC (Special Science Class).

1st Year

  • Marybeth Contreras – English; adviser
  • Janet Lor – Physical Education; dance troupe
  • Josemin Portigo – Filipino; knee-trembling; pamilya (family) » pamelya; “Upo.”
  • Ma. Luz Nobleza – Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies)
  • Ma’am Bautista – Technology & Livelihood Education
  • Ma’am Dacoseo – General Science
  • Ma’am Mateo – Mathematics
  • Sir Saturinas – Earth Science
  • Sir Yaoyao – Values Education

At the end of our first year, three of us1 transferred schools. Subsequently, their slots were replaced by those from the second section.

2nd Year

  • Rose Arquion – Biology; adviser
  • Arlyn May-as – English II
  • Miraluna Apote – Filipino II
  • Verna Tiu – Physical Education
  • Ma’am Ramos – Values Education
  • Ma’am Realista – Araling Panlipunan
  • Ma’am Tabugon – Algebra
  • Sir Francisco – Technology & Livelihood Education

Second year was full of weekends on swimming pools. It was the year when talents started to arise and competed in the national level. Misunderstandings among groups first took place. A radio and cassette tape player2 was always around in the classroom.

3rd Year

  • Fe De Asis a.k.a. Ma’am Pepot – Chemistry; adviser; such a mother; kicked garbage cans a couple of times
  • Ma. Luz Nobleza – Araling Panlipunan
  • Voltaire Ponce – Computer Education
  • Ma’am Felipe – English III
  • Ma’am Lao – Research
  • Ma’am Ungab – Filipino III
  • Sir Sausa – Geometry

It was during this year that we finally had a TV in the classroom and metal lockers, unlike the wooden ones we had in our first year. Also, we were already on a higher level, literally, because our room is on the second floor of the school’s main building. Investigatory projects started to gain the interest of some, which also led them to regional and national competitions.

4th Year

  • Marie Cecille Plaza – Physics; adviser; youngest we ever had
  • Avalota Cejas – Physical Education
  • Fe De Asis – Advanced Chemistry (?)
  • Ma. Luz Nobleza – Araling Panlipunan
  • Voltaire Ponce – Computer Education
  • Ma’am Aguilar – Trigonometry
  • Ma’am Gelacio – English IV
  • Ma’am Ungab – Filipino IV

The school year was concluded with more accomplishments from the class, with the results of the STEP (Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines) and Intel Science Investigatory Projects being the major ones. The class valedictorian was even excellent enough that he was sent to Phoenix, Arizona to present his research project.

1. Debbie Mayem Meh Ances, Omar Alan Blanco, and Alfie Friolo
2. Courtesy of Ronna Lobendina