ASNHS Homecoming 2009

Before anything else, here’s the newly-revitalized Gallery! It’s now a protected zone, as shots are no longer becoming more discreet…

Einstein ’05 Gallery
Einstein '05 Gallery 2010

And…a clip!


I missed the happenings at the gym for I was busy that day. The following pics were taken in the bar (if it can be considered one) at the Center Island.

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Drop ‘Til Down

Time check: almost two o’clock and where am I? In Caltex, of course! Attendance check: Vladmir, Juvanni Noel, Joey, John Paul, Naiza Mae, and Kenneth. Let’s bottle it up!

Edit: Thanks to John Paul’s phone for this post.

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TriNoma w/ Candy & Kenneth

To Jesha: May ra gyud nga wa ka niuban dai.

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Rachelle, John Winston’s girlfriend (for three years now) from Bukidnon who’s taking up BS Nursing in CDO, is such a silly little girl.

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Lagat is Coming to Town

Guess who’s coming back to town?! Oh, yes. It’s our very own seaman(~loloko), Kenneth, who, in the past 12 months, has been going back and forth Japan and the US. At 18:15 on Wednesday, he’ll arrive here in Manila and will stay for a week. Ang libre di nalang diay kwentahon? 😀

The screenshot below was taken last September 27. Wala lang~ Jesha traidorr!

Jesha Traidor

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