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Lizlee Getting Married

A message was left in the Shoutbox regarding this one. See for yourself.

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Post-Graduation Lives

Some will continue schooling because of differing reasons while others will have to take licensure exams first. The rest, will start earning soon…

  • Joey is in India doing research work for three months.
  • Lenny Beth is an assistant accountant in SM City Cagayan de Oro.
  • Vladimir is applying as a teacher in his alma mater in Butuan.
  • Jean is training as a call center agent at Concentrix Cyber City in Davao.
  • Cherille Ann Marie is a call center agent at Concentrix in CDO.
  • And I, will be going to Australia.

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Work, Anyone?

Graduation Outfit Graduation Venue UP Visayas Commencement Exercises '09 Program Graduates '09 Graduation Asungots Boracay

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Fingers Crossed

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Profile Pictures

Not everyone is in the profiles page. Only those that have submitted their souvenir program pictures are there. If you want to be there or want your picture changed, please e-mail me, just like what Mia did.


Don’t simply tell me to get a picture of you in your Friendster account. If you’re determined that the world will see what your face has become, then you shall do your part by showing enthusiasm.

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