Hello, Middle East!

No More

This Facebook profile is no more, for this nurse has already gone to Ta’if, Saudi Arabia before September even came.

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Bisaya Ka? Ako Kay Aussie…


After reading of one of her recent posts, I instantaneously called one of her best accomplices to confirm the news. Well, it’s straightforward in her profile. It’s really awesome that she’s already there. I was constantly checking up on her whether she’s still in the country back then, when she was still a DJ in the station indicated above.

Kudos to one of our nurses! I hope she’ll bring me a kangaroo when she gets back. Kanang taas ug inambakan, kay mas lami daw na nga pulutan.

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I’m no longer sure if it’s the one in North Carolina or the one in Delaware but the thing is, Philip should already be there by now for a training on their company’s new product. Yesterday I was able to chat with him while in Tokyo for his connecting flights. And that marks him the third among us to kick dust in the US of A after Kenneth and Joey.

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Another Year, Another Wedding

Yep, you read that right. And I’ve confirmed it too. On April 18th, someone among the faces in this page is tying the knot, becoming the fourth fifth one to do so.

Edit: Everyone is invited, of course!

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Summer Weddings

Summer 2010 June Weddings

Another summer’s died! Keep on sending those graduation pics for a fresher Profile page. Along with this year’s hot season is the baptism of Lizlee’s son and the wedding of Ronna and Raquel. The filmstrip is the rundown of events that took place during the two vows. People are becoming more boring (and hard to catch) each year, ne? Head to the Gallery for a freshly-cooked set of scandalous pictures gathered!

P.S. The display of the strip when clicked might look small, but it actually is the full resolution. Save it to see it.

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