Kenneth Diza Update

This is a re-post, after the server crash last December.

Last December 1 I found myself chatting with Lagat, who’s now sailing the seas from Japan to US and vice versa. At that time he was in Japan, living life at Aton Palace Hotel in Kashima City with his laptop — an HP Pavilion DV4 1120US Entertainment Notebook PC which cost him $699.

Kenneth's Room in Japan Kenneth's Room in Japan

  • During our Y!M session he bombarded me with these words: fumigation, charterer, retard (nosebleed gamay)
  • I forgot the number of days the vessel spends in the sea traveling but he said that they stay in Japan (US) for 5 days before going back to the US (Japan), transporting logs.
  • They dock in Longview, Washington in US.
  • An allowance of $56 and $500 (I cannot recall which is which)
  • His cellphone, a Nokia 5000, is rendered unusable.
  • Drank beer named “Draft One” with his mates prior to chatting with me
  • Will be spending Christmas at sea.

Here’s a log of our chat:


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