Blind Item #1.3

i didnt lyk wat ur clasm8z wr0te abwt me n ur website. .but 2 clear thngz up. . .im n0t snubbish. . .i juz d0nt push myself 2 pp0l hu d0snt lyk me. .nd im n0t evn tryng 2 please any1. . .and I Really d0nt luk lyk jesha. .lyk please. . .st0p it. .

All I can say is, mataray ang lola mo day! It bothers me how the item made a grammatical error after blabbing English too much though. Can anybody point it out too?

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Blind Item #1.1

Excerpts from a chat…

[20:58] *****_0_5: lo i tried to smoke twice onewas marlboro light the other VOGUE totyal
[20:58] *****_0_5: walay after taste ang vogue pero my bf said i shud stop basin ma-aadik
[20:59] *****_0_5: newei, nigawas xa sako nose
[20:59] *****_0_5: so fun
[20:59] *****_0_5: once you puff, you can’t stof
[20:59] *****_0_5: haha

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Blind Item #1

PuTIK lo manayaw dapat mi kr0n tp0s ngquit ko gHap0n,tang ina ng lag0t jud ko shit. . ! bCoz of my bf nganu ngquit ko puTA

Oh, yes. You heard — no, read — that right. That was the exact text message I received from a classmate last January 26. I was really stunned upon reading it. If you wanna know who she might be, then try your luck by reading her SMS to me last night:

Nels0n, 94 ako nMat im so hapPy! Ecstatic wahaha wala man gud ko ng.xpect tp0s la center. . Ako cm8 99

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