CDO Escapade

Guess what guys? I’m in Cagayan de Oro City right now, softly killing the time before going back to school. I went to Xavier (Ateneo de Cagayan) University and met up with Budlat, Apple, Kanding, and Abu. The first two already had classes while the other two were still on the process of enrolling. What surprised me very much was the fact that Abu will be taking only 3 units this semester โ€” English40! Imagine that? Some of her old classmates had to name her “major in English”. Lol. We advised her of having a job โ€” Jollibee or school student assistant wouldn’t be bad. Of course, since there was Kanding, there was also his girlfriend Rachelle. She’s a cute little girl. If we’d stand beside each other she’ll surely appear as my sungkod/tungkod. ๐Ÿ˜› She significantly looks like Igatz (Jesha) except for the skin color. But mind you, she doesn’t seem friendly at all.

I was expecting that there’s a vessel to Iloilo tomorrow. It turns out that I still have to wait until Wednesday and will have to travel via Iligan City. So that’s it, guess I’ll be tambay for some time here.

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Another Bonding Activity

Time check: I have been in front of this freakin’ PC in Lexelcom for almost 3ยฝ hours already. Finally, everything in the site seems fine after moving to a new CMS (content management system — nosebleed ka noh?). The thing that really killed most of my time was the transfer of the gallery pictures. It was quite a pain.

So, how was the Barangay elections? I voted in the afternoon and saw Abu in SF Pilot Elementary School, our voting station. She was a volunteer. For the information of those who do not know, her father is a Kagawad candidate. The picture you see below is my hand (c’mon, who else?) โ€” with the indelible ink in the forehand and some other kind of ink in the thumb.

Barangay Elections '07

Earlier this afternoon, Ronna came here to get the P60 amutan for tomorrow’s planned get-together party (not again?). Meeting will be at Yana’s at 8. I have no idea of the people who’ll be present. Charis Doreen is here right now. I was really surprised to see her. It’s been a while. She said she wasn’t able to vote because she is not yet registered. Tsk, ang alindahaw..

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She’s Pregnant!

Lately I have been catching Ma’am Cecille in Y!M and of course I couldn’t help but ask why, considering that she’s supposed to be at school. She told me that she’s at Trento and that one of these days, she’ll give birth to a child!

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Semestral Break

Aloha! In no time the first semester for this academic year will be over. Semestral break’s here again. Hopefully there’ll be time for us to see each other again. Drama. Anyway, last 11-15, I went to Manila for an IT Congress and, of course, had some time with our fellas there — Jesha, Joey, Kamille Angelie, and Mary Cherubin. I strutted in TriNoma and we went to Star City. The gallery’s now filled with new pictures.

On other news, I heard that Jollibee will finally open in San Francisco one of these days. I wonder how it would feel like now that the municipality is slowly leveling-up. Lol. Well, I just feel so sorry for those who reside in this place called Prosperidad. I guess its big land area did not attract the fast-food restaurant at all. ๐Ÿ˜› (random) John Paul and Dovie lost their cellphone units.

* Oh, for heaven’s sake, if you read this post please do leave a comment by clicking the link below and filling up the page contained in the pop-up. The lack of comments around makes me think that maintaining this site is simply a waste of time.$ ^^,

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Death of a Friend’s Father

Last Tuesday I received a text message from Ate Aimee. It read, “Si Jun Dalen dead on arrival sa hospital gabii. High blood…” Of course I instantly believed it because my sister works at the D.O. Plaza Memorial Hospital. The reason was heart attack. I met Naiza here in our campus and she also heard the same reason. Also, according to her, it was the first attack, which unfortunately lead to death…

Let us all pray for the serenity of his soul and for his family. He was a father, a loving husband, and a good friend. His burial will be tomorrow.

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