Love Affairs

A few days ago I learned by fate (whew) that our very own classmate Rey Alcin P. Ortega is now Hazel E. Soliva’s boyfriend. For those who do not know her, she was our classmate way back in elementary. They’re on for like, 2 weeks or so now. Okay, so much for that.

  • Breaking NEWS: According to a reliable source, Kanding and her girlfriend broke up. Then, there was a time (heha, these were the same four words my source used upon telling me) that the girl asked Kanding, “Who’s the girl you really love?” The name she ought to hear was Jesha. I have also heard from another source that the two have reconciled now. But it doesn’t stop there. A few days ago, someone texted Jesha and their exchange of messages started something like this:

    Jesha: (receives a text message) Hu u?
    Texter: notsniw7 (referring to himself as John Winston)
    Jesha: Huh?! Gatxtanay man taraw mi ni Baje karon!

    It was basically Rachelle, Kanding’s ex and present girlfriend. What followed next was that Jesha was thrown with obscene words! I no longer know extra details and the reason why it all happened. That’s already beyond my control. ^-^’ But you get the point anyway.

  • Extra Extra ยป Kapatid ni Ophel, nagbakasyon sa Singapore! Imagine that? Our Ophel’s scope is merely Liangga! ๐Ÿ˜›

O.T. Here’s the “video” that I made that was also posted in your respective Friendster accounts as comments. Prepare your eye accuracy for this one! ^^,

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