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Last week I was able to chat with Putot via Y!M. She was at her cousin’s house, trespassing again. Haha. She called me but since I don’t have a headset at home, I could not respond to her vocally. With that, she simply spoke her heart out while I had to poorly type in reply. That’s the wonder of people who type pretty fast! Whew~ Our chat was pretty long and fun. I even requested her to sing songs because she’s saying that she’ll join PBB or PDA. Y not! Perhaps I should upload her song (because I recorded it) next time.

From Manila, let’s fly to Davao. According to Baki, which who is now an unpaid houseboy, Dangas has a music band now. Bongga. I confirmed it from Ahnor when she came over our house days ago. Flying back to Manila, Kamille’s choir had a performance at the CCP yesterday. For those ignorami who doesn’t know what it stands for, it’s Cultural Center of the Philippines. Of course, let us not forget updates from Visayas live from our very own Katring in Boracay. His four-week (I guess) OJT is finally over but he, together with his buddies, chose to spend more time in the place for summer. Hmm.. Spendthrift. So far I’d say that he’s making the best out of the beach and the people especially the local celebrities and the forangers (if you know what I mean).

Yana mentioned in one of her comments that you should feel free to drop me a line if you have something interesting that you want everybody to know. If so, e-mail’s simulationelson[at]gmail.com. Furthermore, Katring suggested that the index (main) page of this site should have a specific classmate featured and is to be changed on a monthly basis. Not bad. He said that he/she would be the “Cover Boy/Cover Girl” for the month. Cool, don’t you think?

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