Summer’s Almost Over

Yeah, time dearly flies fast. The long summer vacation is soon gonna be over. It’ll be months again before we see each other’s faces. Many has been very busy lately. Nonetheless, there are still those chosen few who prefer to runaway from any sort of work to tambay at the kanto. Nyahah! So here are some of the diminutive gatherings that happened in summer 2007. Break free.

  • April 30: Pahak, Lagat, Yana, Manangkungay, and Ahnor went to our house. If you don’t know why, where’ve you been?! We subsequently went to Raquel’s to pay her and her son, Ravin, a visit.
  • May 21: Katring and Baki dropped by our house. I fed them lunch and Lagat came thereafter. We went to school for some sight-seeing and was sighted by Ma’am Gelacio, Tabugon, Ungab, and Aguilar. Only Ma’am Aguilar was the one who didn’t say the magic word. What was the magic word? S-E-C-R-E-T. We then went to Rose and ate Halo-Halo. Pahak came on time just as we had our order. The next stop was at Yana’s lola’s house before deciding to go to the Badminton court. It rained hard so the destination was changed to Philip’s. We got our hands on his new laptop.
  • May 22: Mama and I bought some barbeques near Philip’s residence and as we passed the house I noticed that their dining table was full of people — the same scene we had the other night. It immediately came to me that maybe some of us paid him a visit. The next day I knew from Yana herself that it was indeed them — Raro, Mia, Ronna, Pearl, and her. I also knew that they went to Ebro Housing.
  • Lost Time: I was with Naiza and was about to leave her at DBP when we saw Philip and Xyrel coming from the opposite direction. Earlier that day, we already saw them going out of Allnyt Café. They ended up playing online games (what else?) at einerz. And, finally, after merely crossing paths in less than 2 seconds at MSU, I got Manoy’s mobile number!
  • May 25: I’ve been pathetic over the Internet this summer, especially that my computer has rested because of exhaustion from the fluctuating current. Haha. Tsk, wasting money for nothing in particular. I had my income and domain now though. My workplace is at Lexelcom and today I met Yam-Yam and Katring there. I bumped their heads from behind, without them knowing that it was me. They stayed for some minutes chitchatting, waiting for their sundo, before finally deserting me.

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Randomness Galore

Last week I was able to chat with Putot via Y!M. She was at her cousin’s house, trespassing again. Haha. She called me but since I don’t have a headset at home, I could not respond to her vocally. With that, she simply spoke her heart out while I had to poorly type in reply. That’s the wonder of people who type pretty fast! Whew~ Our chat was pretty long and fun. I even requested her to sing songs because she’s saying that she’ll join PBB or PDA. Y not! Perhaps I should upload her song (because I recorded it) next time.

From Manila, let’s fly to Davao. According to Baki, which who is now an unpaid houseboy, Dangas has a music band now. Bongga. I confirmed it from Ahnor when she came over our house days ago. Flying back to Manila, Kamille’s choir had a performance at the CCP yesterday. For those ignorami who doesn’t know what it stands for, it’s Cultural Center of the Philippines. Of course, let us not forget updates from Visayas live from our very own Katring in Boracay. His four-week (I guess) OJT is finally over but he, together with his buddies, chose to spend more time in the place for summer. Hmm.. Spendthrift. So far I’d say that he’s making the best out of the beach and the people especially the local celebrities and the forangers (if you know what I mean).

Yana mentioned in one of her comments that you should feel free to drop me a line if you have something interesting that you want everybody to know. If so, e-mail’s simulationelson[at] Furthermore, Katring suggested that the index (main) page of this site should have a specific classmate featured and is to be changed on a monthly basis. Not bad. He said that he/she would be the “Cover Boy/Cover Girl” for the month. Cool, don’t you think?

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Last Sunday around 11AM Pahak sent me an SMS saying that Pearl has an invitation to their house for lunch because of her father’s birthday. Sadly (whow), I declined the offer because it was already too alanganin to go. Also, there are only a few who could possibly go. The video that you see below was made by Mia. I got it last Friday when she went to our house to give me a new puppy — Kikang. So yeah, I guess that’d be all for now. See y’all.

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Araw Natin ‘To!

Ooh.. Look at the title. Feels like ABS-CBN, eh? Nyaha. Summer 2007 is officially open. However, many are out to their respective summer classes. Hmm.. Do I smell subject failures around here? Haha. Those who’ll react to this statement, I’d say, are only those who are defensive people. While I’m at it, I would like to point out that I do not owe Claire a.k.a. Badat any apology for what happened in our exchange of text messages. She was just very ‘reactive’. Blah, I will no longer discuss further details for others will simply term it as being immature.

As you can obviously see, I’ve finally launched the first installment (utang? Lol) of our site. It’s very simple, yet somehow I am delighted with it. I was really already planning this even before vacation struck and since this time I seem to be free from any form of work, there you have it, I managed to crack my computer for it. Hopefully I will be able to update this very often. ^-^

  • 4 Oras dahil ‘di nauubos ang balita: Indeed, Bayugan is now a city. Could you believe they were able to do this to us? Haha. But personally, I don’t envy them at all. San Francisco still leads with its Bus Terminal, Bus Stopover, and all the Provincial Offices and Banks. 😛 /
  • Nagbabagang BUZZ! Who would’ve thought? Our very own municipality has a sex scandal now (err, do I sound proud about it or what? Lol)! Furthermore, the girl involved is from our dear alma mater! Laban ka? I think in a few minutes I’ll be able to see a copy of it.
  • Kumikitang Kabuhayan: There’s this new Internet café by the Rotunda called “einerz”. It happens to be owned by the Plaza (Tinay) family. Charging P15.00/hour, it was opened last March 3. Sakay na!

Tsk, tsk, tsk.. Only very few of us are present in town right now. With this, will there still be time for some (plastikan) bonding? And will the feast gatherings ultimately come to an end? Let’s find out soon!

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