Wedding and Birthdays

I don’t know the exact date of their arrival, but one thing’s for sure: Ma’am Nonie Dagondon and Sir Cullo’s wedding this coming July 28 is unstoppable. As what Joey told me when our paths crossed via SMS, they are now very rich as a couple. Well if you think about it maybe they were simply lucky with their lives in the U.S. of A. With regards to this, our classmates Joey and Naiza Mae will really go home to attend the event. Naiza will be leaving this Wednesday. I don’t know with Mader. Anyway, today I just had my Civil Service Sub-Professional Examination. It was a blessing from heaven that I had a schoolmate as a roommate in the dorm I stayed in for without him, I would’ve been unable to get myself ready for the test center by 7AM!

Mia @ 19 Joey @ 19 Philip @ 19

The ones above are the “online birthday cards” I gave to our classmates who recently celebrated their birthdays. They’re all posted in their respective Friendster accounts (click for the full version). Also, I’ve updated the gallery! CLICK!

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