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Fingers Crossed

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Blind Item #2

I just got enrolled today. It was quicker than ever, so it gave me a chance to get back at the dorm fast and take a bath. Haha. I believe this is supposedly the last semester? We’ll see…

It felt like I didn’t get to meet anyone of us at all during the sembreak but I sure made my break more interesting this time even though I merely stayed at home. The following were the times when I got off the house:

  • 10.28 – Ate at Jollibee and window-shopped in Waldy’s and Central Warehouse with Ronna; saw Charis Doreen at Lexelcom and learned that Ana Marie is now having her internship in our alma mater
  • 10.29 – Crossed paths with Philip who was on his usual vehicle — a bike
  • 10.30 – Ditched playing Badminton with Jesha, Krysta Laureen, and Naiza Mae (I heard they then ate at Jollibee together with Ronna and Rey Alcin)
  • 11.05 – Had the part two of my CDO Escapade but this time only Cherille Ann Marie and Lenny Beth were with me. John Winston (who already transferred to Liceo de Cagayan), Kharen (whom they said is currently in Davao doing a sort or practicum), and Rejinne Louwie all didn’t give a sign of physical existence

Now, we can get down to the real business of this post.

On Harvey’s birthday, I saw his mother and she told me that he will be arriving that night. Sir Escobal came into being at the Badminton court afterwards. But this is not the point here. Earlier that day, I met an old acquaintance and he/she told me about the pregnancy of someone we both know. I was really surprised because from then I was actually already joking about the possibility. If fate permits, one of our classmates will soon become a father.

P.S. If you’ll look around the site, you might still be able to catch who I’m talking about.

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Graduation Pictures

If you have yours, hand them over. T_T I’ll make this a sticky post (which probably means that graduation has to pass first before I remove it).

Mary Cherubin Suaybaguio Joey Mangadlao Armando Lagumbay Krysta Laureen Palma Vladimir Montil Nelson Aclan Naiza Mae Delos Santos Farrah Jane Auditor Kharen Mangadlao Philip Lim Lou Mavelle Enriquez Kamille Angelie Narisma Raquel Dultra

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Grow Up

“Grow up.” Yeah, that’s right. It’s the lesson I was taught today. “Grow up.” Hmm.. So good to my ears. And I will make it a point that I definitely will.

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