Semestral Break

Aloha! In no time the first semester for this academic year will be over. Semestral break’s here again. Hopefully there’ll be time for us to see each other again. Drama. Anyway, last 11-15, I went to Manila for an IT Congress and, of course, had some time with our fellas there — Jesha, Joey, Kamille Angelie, and Mary Cherubin. I strutted in TriNoma and we went to Star City. The gallery’s now filled with new pictures.

On other news, I heard that Jollibee will finally open in San Francisco one of these days. I wonder how it would feel like now that the municipality is slowly leveling-up. Lol. Well, I just feel so sorry for those who reside in this place called Prosperidad. I guess its big land area did not attract the fast-food restaurant at all. 😛 (random) John Paul and Dovie lost their cellphone units.

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Hello August

I’ve updated the profiles page. Hurray! Today is Alcin’s birthday and last Sunday was Ophel’s. Yesterday I chatted with Dovie and she told me that it’s been a week since she lost her job (in Manila). She’s in the process of applying to a new company right now. Uh.. I really suspect that it’s goodbye school for her, and hello world of labor and industry. One more thing, Chin-Chin Gutierrez indeed had a concert in San Francisco last night (as what Ronna said in the shoutbox)!

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Wedding and Birthdays

I don’t know the exact date of their arrival, but one thing’s for sure: Ma’am Nonie Dagondon and Sir Cullo’s wedding this coming July 28 is unstoppable. As what Joey told me when our paths crossed via SMS, they are now very rich as a couple. Well if you think about it maybe they were simply lucky with their lives in the U.S. of A. With regards to this, our classmates Joey and Naiza Mae will really go home to attend the event. Naiza will be leaving this Wednesday. I don’t know with Mader. Anyway, today I just had my Civil Service Sub-Professional Examination. It was a blessing from heaven that I had a schoolmate as a roommate in the dorm I stayed in for without him, I would’ve been unable to get myself ready for the test center by 7AM!

Mia @ 19 Joey @ 19 Philip @ 19

The ones above are the “online birthday cards” I gave to our classmates who recently celebrated their birthdays. They’re all posted in their respective Friendster accounts (click for the full version). Also, I’ve updated the gallery! CLICK!

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Whew! Who would’ve thought that it’s almost three years already since we became college? We’re gradually getting older and older! Haha! Nevertheless, some things have remained unchanged — news still follow me no matter what I do. 🙂

In my first few weeks here at school, when we were still not meeting in our computer laboratory, I was surfing the Internet outside like there’s no tomorrow. Sheila Mae was surprisingly always online in Yahoo! Messenger as well so we were able to chat. I learned that she acts as a student assistant or something and is assigned in the café of their school, which is Mountain View College in Valencia City, Bukidnon. It’s a form of scholarship. The money never touches her hands. Instead, it is immediately directed to the school to serve as the registration fee. You get the point.

Last June 24, Ronna and I were exchanging text messages around 1 in the morning. She couldn’t sleep that’s why she looked for someone to spare her time with. She informed me that Mia guested in this 89.9 radio station in Davao City. It’s basically because of her teacher, according to Ronna. Something like, Mia’s teacher has a regular segment in that station and she was invited. It might also be possible that she’ll be guesting there again some other time. Lastly, Ronna told me that our school already has a Wi-Fi Internet connection. Err.. Too good to be true, don’t you think? I dunno.

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