Joey Mangadlao in Bali, Indonesia

As of this moment, our valedictorian is out doing research-related (yet again) stuff. He told me all about it when I interrogated him in our chat several weeks ago. However, I totally forgot about it if it weren’t for Mama Corazon who heard the news from Ma’am Mateo. Two nights ago, I unexpectedly caught him in invisible mode in Yahoo! Messenger. And so I learned that he left on the 2nd and will be back on the 10th. He told me that he’s staying in a hotel and that they visited Singapore first before going to Indonesia. Below is our conversation before he left the country.

Joey Mangadlao: lo moadto kog indonesia
Nelson Aclan: ows
Nelson Aclan: tinikal na sad
Joey Mangadlao: hahaha
Joey Mangadlao: joke lang
Nelson Aclan: nganong sa Indonesia man jud of all places
Nelson Aclan: I mean countries
Joey Mangadlao: hahah
Joey Mangadlao: tinood bitaw lo
Joey Mangadlao: moadto jud ko
Nelson Aclan: ngano man
Nelson Aclan: unsay caliber
Joey Mangadlao: hahha
Joey Mangadlao: lo online si tabing gaena?
Nelson Aclan: IDK
Nelson Aclan: nganong muadto ka ba
Joey Mangadlao: ok
Joey Mangadlao: basta
Joey Mangadlao: kapo
Joey Mangadlao: kapoi
Nelson Aclan: kasabot diay ka sa IDK?
Joey Mangadlao: magtell
Joey Mangadlao: cge
Joey Mangadlao: syempre
Joey Mangadlao: unsay too SL
Nelson Aclan: gaga, nag-introduction pa ka kung di man lang diay nimo isulti
Nelson Aclan: hmp
Joey Mangadlao: hahaha
Nelson Aclan: ano gid man bala
Joey Mangadlao: i was nominated by the institute of chemistry for the 2008 science camp in bali indonesia… and this afternoon i received a letter na napili daw ko.. nyahahhahha.. so mao to siya
Joey Mangadlao: hehheheh
Nelson Aclan: mataray ang lola…
Nelson Aclan: ikaw ray nag-nominate sa imong kaugalingon noh?
Joey Mangadlao: dli ui
Joey Mangadlao: tala
Nelson Aclan: haha
Nelson Aclan: giunsa man diay pagpili
Nelson Aclan: (ang sa nominations sa ha)
Joey Mangadlao: syempre all over the philippines yata kay ang naghead is and National Secretariat man sa Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas
Nelson Aclan: so pano ka na-include sa nominees?
Joey Mangadlao: ay da,kaila baya ka ni joey mangadlao
Joey Mangadlao: hehhehhehe
Joey Mangadlao: ang institute ang monominate ui
Nelson Aclan: tarush
Joey Mangadlao: research capabilities man ang importante
Nelson Aclan: paro ngano lagi naapil ka (aside sa imong tikalon nga pangalan)
Joey Mangadlao: kay resreach training man gud ng sa bali
Nelson Aclan: *pero
Joey Mangadlao: shut up lo ui
Joey Mangadlao: mao ng dili ko gusto magtell kay daghan ka pangutana
Joey Mangadlao: dha
Nelson Aclan: mura kag T siyempre natural ra man na
Nelson Aclan: mura man sad kag oders…
Nelson Aclan: chos
Joey Mangadlao: charms and crystals
Nelson Aclan: haha
Nelson Aclan: feeling nimo nganong ikaw man napili
Joey Mangadlao: cguro kay naa koy good research background
Joey Mangadlao: hehhehe
Nelson Aclan: pila imong kalaban
Joey Mangadlao: wala ko kabalo ui
Nelson Aclan: pastilan basin diayg wa kay kalaban!
Joey Mangadlao: hahahha
Joey Mangadlao: daghan man mi.. lima man cguro mi napili
Nelson Aclan: nya kanus-a man ka mulayda
Joey Mangadlao: sa monday pa ko makabalo
Joey Mangadlao: karon ra man gud ko nakadawat sa email
Nelson Aclan: taga-diliman mo 5?
Nelson Aclan: 4th year tanan?
Joey Mangadlao: dili
Joey Mangadlao: naa lain skul
Joey Mangadlao: ateneo
Nelson Aclan: 4th year?
Joey Mangadlao: ambot wa ko kabalo
Joey Mangadlao: karon ra lage ko kabalo nga nadawat ko
Joey Mangadlao: sa monday pa mi mag meet
Nelson Aclan: nya super lukso2 kaayo ka pagkadawat nimo der
Joey Mangadlao: ALANGAN
Nelson Aclan: caps lock man jud
Nelson Aclan: heha
Nelson Aclan: kanus-a lage ka mularget
Joey Mangadlao: sa august first week
Nelson Aclan: hapit na diay dayon
Nelson Aclan: unsa sad kadugay
Joey Mangadlao: one week lo
Nelson Aclan: ang gasto?
Joey Mangadlao: ok na
Nelson Aclan: libre?
Joey Mangadlao: ryt
Nelson Aclan: ang pasalubong joe ha
Joey Mangadlao: hhahahha
Joey Mangadlao: lo
Joey Mangadlao: pag naa ko kwarta
Nelson Aclan: sabache
Nelson Aclan: paatik
Nelson Aclan: oy jo gtg
Nelson Aclan: nxt tyme na sad der
Joey Mangadlao: cge

2008 Asian Science Camp

Edit: Due to being tardy, he was not allowed to enter the session’s (presumably a series of lectures) venue once. For now, I’m not certain if another one followed it. Nyeheh.

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Comments (8)

  1. amir on August 7th, 2008 at 2:34 PM

    hmmmm…pasalubong r aq…

  2. lizlee on August 11th, 2008 at 9:35 AM

    cannot be reached..

  3. ang_gwapo on August 11th, 2008 at 10:29 AM

    Y*W*!!! (censored by admin) kahilas anang animala nah!!! cge lang una btaw ko mu graduate kaysa nya!! wakkekeke… busy kaau ko lo!! waly tym.. kabalo ka na na hospital si RONNA?
    kana na lang akong i news!!!

  4. krysta on August 11th, 2008 at 10:55 AM

    im so happy nga nibalik nah ang syt!!! weee… pra ma update tah sa world, hehehehe!!!… yup2 bali ang show ni mader, then si JP kai mg singapore napod pra sa iyaha OJT, he’ll be leaving end sa august.. then mstah nah c anhnor???

  5. amir on August 12th, 2008 at 1:36 PM

    “because if I will do my part as catalyst for change, things will never be the same again” – Joey D. Mangadlao…

    wat an inspiring quote frm our beloved MADER… hehehe

  6. ...% on August 13th, 2008 at 8:42 AM

    ahhh moa bah joe…psalubong ra amo..slaamat daan..hekhekhe..GL and GB

  7. Zohan Winston on August 13th, 2008 at 1:30 PM

    atay.. sagdi Lng pg-ako mugawas, Limpak2 $ ..hahaha

  8. Zohan Winston on August 13th, 2008 at 1:43 PM

    atay…bigatin na kibali kau ka jo! tssk3!

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