Bai Naliyagan 2012

Congratulations, Jesha Macadine, for bringing home (BH for ASAY) this year’s crown last night! Sorry I never found time to post about the event in our Facebook group way ahead. Some of our classmates who find the effort to regularly check it might have been able to witness you conquer the stage.

Jesha Macadine Jesha Macadine Regards ko sa corona

We look forward to your treat, doc. December, perhaps?

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Across the Seas

This year’s lent brought me back to San Francisco due to Araw ng Kagitingan being a Monday. Arrived last Wednesday and will depart on Tuesday. Not bad, eh? Okay, let’s get down to business.

Few days ago Abijell Baldago asked me about the details of the Galarse family’s migration to Calgary and I was, like, “Whoa, huh?” I texted the devil and got an answer in no time. According to our insider John Paul c/o Naiza Mae, May 11’s the date.

  • Australia – Jasmin
  • Canada – Juvanni Noel
  • Saudi Arabia – Krysta Laureen, Claire Joy (06/18)
  • Singapore – Armando, John Winston (06/03)
  • USA – Joey

Did I miss someone? Who could be next? The annual homecoming will always be exciting given this list. At sa kakapasok lang na balita, as in karon lang jud, Apple, nanghagad for dinner at their place tomorrow! Sa mga ASAY, you know what to do.

P.S. Pahak, kanang mahilig lang akong pasalubong ha.

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Hello, Middle East!

No More

This Facebook profile is no more, for this nurse has already gone to Ta’if, Saudi Arabia before September even came.

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Bisaya Ka? Ako Kay Aussie…


After reading of one of her recent posts, I instantaneously called one of her best accomplices to confirm the news. Well, it’s straightforward in her profile. It’s really awesome that she’s already there. I was constantly checking up on her whether she’s still in the country back then, when she was still a DJ in the station indicated above.

Kudos to one of our nurses! I hope she’ll bring me a kangaroo when she gets back. Kanang taas ug inambakan, kay mas lami daw na nga pulutan.

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I’m no longer sure if it’s the one in North Carolina or the one in Delaware but the thing is, Philip should already be there by now for a training on their company’s new product. Yesterday I was able to chat with him while in Tokyo for his connecting flights. And that marks him the third among us to kick dust in the US of A after Kenneth and Joey.

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