An Accident

Yesterday I received a text message from Mama Corazon saying that she knew from my aunt that a couple whose last name is Cocamas and is from Bayugan 2 got involved in a motorcycle accident. She asked me if there are other people from the place who have the same last name. I wasn’t certain, so I sent Harvey a message.

Harv, tinuod?

His reply was pretty awkward. He was asking me of what I know. It seemed an honest reply so I didn’t bother… As I walked away from the school building this afternoon, I received another text message from Mama confirming the involvement of Harvey’s parents in the accident. This time, I sent a straightforward message to Harvey. His reply was:

Ok na sila. Discharged naman daw sila karon. Mag-uli gani ko ugma. Naa lang daw mga bruise, sa head tanan.

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There will be a meeting this Saturday regarding the baptism of Raquel’s son, Ravin. Those who are willing to ninong/ninang are required to attend in order to be included in the list. It’s a requirement. So to those who are already home by that day, and if you happen to be interested about this matter, please do attend. You can contact Raquel at 09213875863 for further details.

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She’s Pregnant!

Lately I have been catching Ma’am Cecille in Y!M and of course I couldn’t help but ask why, considering that she’s supposed to be at school. She told me that she’s at Trento and that one of these days, she’ll give birth to a child!

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Death of a Friend’s Father

Last Tuesday I received a text message from Ate Aimee. It read, “Si Jun Dalen dead on arrival sa hospital gabii. High blood…” Of course I instantly believed it because my sister works at the D.O. Plaza Memorial Hospital. The reason was heart attack. I met Naiza here in our campus and she also heard the same reason. Also, according to her, it was the first attack, which unfortunately lead to death…

Let us all pray for the serenity of his soul and for his family. He was a father, a loving husband, and a good friend. His burial will be tomorrow.

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