I have put up gravatars in the comments for everyone. So what’s a gravatar, you ask? It’s a picture that correspondingly appears when you use a particular e-mail in posting a comment. It’s typically a headshot and is sized 80×80. Okay, so my point here is for you guys to signup so that when you leave a comment in any of the posts, a small picture of you also appears.

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Walking the Streets of Manila

Whew, I’ve been waiting to make this post. Last September 1-8 I was in Manila (just like last year) to attend an IT congress called Y4iT. Rubi (Candy) met me at SM North Edsa and from there she accompanied us to the boarding house she negotiated with for our lodging. At around 11:00, the two of us had to go out to fetch one of my companions. We waited at McDonald’s in PHILCOA where she forcefully made me buy her something.

@McDo PHILCOA w/ Putot ~ Y4iT '08

@Greenbelt w/ Mader & Lagat ~ Y4iT '08

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Be right back. Happy new month by the way.

P.S. What the fuck hick it’s been four months since the last post?

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Cebu-kid. Bowling. Updates.

I have known that last January 3, there was a little gathering at Alcin’s place in Taglikid. Attendance? Ronna, Naiza, Ophel, Candy, X and X. There are more, but I’m not sure who they are, so I’m leaving their names as “X”. Here’s a thing that’s certain — they had a drinking session. I was surprised to hear about it considering the fact that Ma’am Erlinda might be home. I was told that she really was and it was just fine with her. They parted ways at 10PM.

Two days after, Alcin, Farrah, Hazel, Juvanni, Naiza, Ophel, and Paeng were on the same vessel going to Cebu. For the information of those who do not know, Alcin and Juvanni are, of course, studying in Cebu. The same thing also goes for Paeng. I don’t know if you remember him. He’s two years younger (ouch, doesn’t the word hurt?) than our batch. Farrah — bound for Bohol and the other two for Iloilo. Hazel, well, I think she merely visited Alcin’s boarding house (for three days). They played Bowling at SM. Pictures and a video were imprisoned in Ophel’s camera. Unfortunately, when I got the chance to see them, I didn’t bring a flash drive. I promise to put them here.

On site updates, I’ve fixed and modified some codes around, moved select files to a different server, and added one-click smilies that can be used in comments. And there’s this maniac who posts obscene words in the shoutbox (I actually have a strong guess of who he is). No worry folks, I can filter messages easily. I can ban anyone from posting messages and even from accessing a tiny little piece of the site. So beware. Don’t mess with the wrong guy.

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Rat vs. Dragon

  • December 22: Seminar for Ravin Joseph’s Baptism. I, John Paul, Kenneth, Mary Cherubin, Mia, and Pearl Kaye ate at Rose Bakeshop thereafter. Lizlee and Ophel Yvette Marie promised to follow. Later on, when we were searching for an Internet Café that can accommodate four, we found the two eating at Len’z. Traidor.

    Ravin Joseph

  • December 23: I was late for the bunyag. In the picture above, the priest had to say, “Ma-singer man tingali ni inig kadako.” The reception was at Maya’s. The next stop was Lexelcom where we had a fun conference chat in Yahoo! Messenger just like the previous day.
  • December 28: Jesha got out of her shell to play Badminton. We fetched Ronna at her lola‘s house and stayed for a while at Aiza May’s. Jesha then treated us with siopao at Rose, where we saw Mary Cherubin. Naiza Mae arrived at the court an hour after we came. Jollibee was the last stop. Langhap Sarap!

A new year’s here. 2008. Rat. I was told that this will be a good one for the (year of the) dragons — business. We’ll soon find out. And by the way, a new video’s here and a whole bunch of pictures here!

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