Back Off!

Nothing’s particularly new right now. I only added two new banners. If the probability permits, you will see them. Somehow, I’m glad that some are already learning how to leave comments in the posts. To those who simply read, why bother going here in the first place? 😛 Apparently, new news are only posted during school breaks. I have already assigned Joey, Krysta, Mia, and Naiza as authors (meaning they can write posts if they want to) but it seems that partly getting away from schoolwork is impossible for them. I wouldn’t know all the latest stuff so it would be great if you guys can help. Hmm, I really doubt that you’ll write out your lives though. But if you’re interested, just tell me at Flirt Wind.

See y’all on Christmas break then. And oh, about those who’re looking for the pictures last sem-break, I wasn’t able to bring a copy of them with me. Our computer at home broke down when I left for the second semester. So shut your horses, okay?

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Another Bonding Activity

Time check: I have been in front of this freakin’ PC in Lexelcom for almost 3½ hours already. Finally, everything in the site seems fine after moving to a new CMS (content management system — nosebleed ka noh?). The thing that really killed most of my time was the transfer of the gallery pictures. It was quite a pain.

So, how was the Barangay elections? I voted in the afternoon and saw Abu in SF Pilot Elementary School, our voting station. She was a volunteer. For the information of those who do not know, her father is a Kagawad candidate. The picture you see below is my hand (c’mon, who else?) — with the indelible ink in the forehand and some other kind of ink in the thumb.

Barangay Elections '07

Earlier this afternoon, Ronna came here to get the P60 amutan for tomorrow’s planned get-together party (not again?). Meeting will be at Yana’s at 8. I have no idea of the people who’ll be present. Charis Doreen is here right now. I was really surprised to see her. It’s been a while. She said she wasn’t able to vote because she is not yet registered. Tsk, ang alindahaw..

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