Walking the Streets of Manila

Whew, I’ve been waiting to make this post. Last September 1-8 I was in Manila (just like last year) to attend an IT congress called Y4iT. Rubi (Candy) met me at SM North Edsa and from there she accompanied us to the boarding house she negotiated with for our lodging. At around 11:00, the two of us had to go out to fetch one of my companions. We waited at McDonald’s in PHILCOA where she forcefully made me buy her something.

@McDo PHILCOA w/ Putot ~ Y4iT '08

@Greenbelt w/ Mader & Lagat ~ Y4iT '08

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Blind Item #1.3

i didnt lyk wat ur clasm8z wr0te abwt me n ur website. .but 2 clear thngz up. . .im n0t snubbish. . .i juz d0nt push myself 2 pp0l hu d0snt lyk me. .nd im n0t evn tryng 2 please any1. . .and I Really d0nt luk lyk jesha. .lyk please. . .st0p it. .

All I can say is, mataray ang lola mo day! It bothers me how the item made a grammatical error after blabbing English too much though. Can anybody point it out too?

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I have heard the presence of MILF in Lanao and suspension of classes in IIT. Let’s all hope and pray that our classmates in Marawi and Iligan City will be fine.

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Joey Mangadlao in Bali, Indonesia

As of this moment, our valedictorian is out doing research-related (yet again) stuff. He told me all about it when I interrogated him in our chat several weeks ago. However, I totally forgot about it if it weren’t for Mama Corazon who heard the news from Ma’am Mateo. Two nights ago, I unexpectedly caught him in invisible mode in Yahoo! Messenger. And so I learned that he left on the 2nd and will be back on the 10th. He told me that he’s staying in a hotel and that they visited Singapore first before going to Indonesia. Below is our conversation before he left the country.

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Be right back. Happy new month by the way.

P.S. What the fuck hick it’s been four months since the last post?

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